Thursday, April 29, 2010

Horton Hears a Who!

There has been a miracle. My tiny, little voice has been heard by OneWest.

I am a mere speck of dust, a trail of paperwork, a ten-digit number at my bank. I've been shouting out for help. I've been calling the bank loss-mitigation line every week for over 60 days. I know people are answering the phone, but I don't think they are listening to me. I've been depressed and then, finally, angry.

This speck of dust is, of course, my whole world! On this speck of dust lives two adults, three children, two horses, two dogs, three cats and two guinea pigs. Not to mention the jackrabbits, the moles, the birds, the snakes, the bee hive, the mice and, up in the hills, the coyotes. My daughter is so in love with those coyotes. She loves to go out on the back porch and howl her heart out. Do they answer her back? Of course they do! They love her too. (I think she's become an honorary pack member, or else they want to eat her...)

 Me and my bank!

The night before I wrote my Spartacus post, I said something to my kids about the possibility of losing our house. David, who we adopted, can't comprehend moving again. He moved too many times when he was in foster care. Nick wasn't home, so he missed the drama. Crystal cried her heart out. She bawled over those coyotes, the jackrabbits, the horses. She cried over her room. She said, "If we rent a house, I won't be able to move my bed or my desk without getting permission." I don't know why she believes that, and I set her straight, but she knows that renting means the room isn't really hers. It's her security that is at stake and David's security (let alone mine!).

Anyway, she and I prayed together to keep our house. The next day is when I started to get mad. I don't feel that raising our payment from $2900 to $6400 a month was a fair business practice. Especially during the greatest Recession and global economic meltdown in the last eight decades. I stopped thinking about just myself. I guess my mama bear came out. This is my daughter's house, my sons' house too. This is where we record their heights on the door jambs. This is Home. There is no place like Home.

So I was walking to bed and I passed the computer and I sat down and I wrote the Spartacus post. I wrote it in about ten minutes. My fingers couldn't keep up with my brain. When I finished I hit, "publish" and then went to bed. This was my loudest cry for help.

And someone heard me!

Around four o'clock the next day, a lady (who has asked not to be named in this blog), called me from the corporate office of OneWest bank. She said she read my blog! She said she was looking into my modification request. I just about fell on the floor. I am a Who living in Whoville and someone from a place that can crush me--has captured my speck of dust on a flower. She has removed me from the "phone bank" where I get a different person and different information every time I call--a place where I am not heard--and she gave me her direct dial number and she is listening to me.

She has not promised me an end result but she has promised to fast-track my case and to look into every option available to us. Ramon and I, and all my readers and friends, feel that somehow we will be able to keep our house. But none of us know HOW this will happen. I think this is HOW, I think she is How. She has given me something that I had lost--Hope.

I was inspired to write that night. I was inspired to name my bank (which I don't think I've done in this blog before). She found me because OneWest patrols the internet looking for content related to their name. My blog came up and that is how she found out about me and my problem. Now she is helping us.

I am still prepared for anything. We won't walk away from our house. I do believe this is going to result in a solution that keeps us in our home. If not, I have plan B and C already in place. I am still Spartacus! I will fight but only if I have to. I will not look at my kids knowing that I did not try. I just want my mortgage back. I just want to pay back what I owe. I just need a leg up. There has to be a way!!!!

Thank you to all the readers who have already contacted me. I know my posts have been emotional lately. I appreciate all the support!!!!

Love to all from Whoville!